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Real Quality Animation

Some very impressive animation going on here, good job.

Whoo! Amazing art!

Dude, that was cool. The story, although I'm still bummed for her little brother (I hope he comes back to kick some butt), was pretty cool. The music, superb. You can't go wrong with that song. Then there's the art. Sweet Mother of Moses, that was some great art, it was pretty gothic, with the killing of the parents, removal of a live baby from the womb, and most everything being black, but I'm down with that. Can't wait for the sequel, man. I'm expecting a twist, but I would like for Lilium (I believe that's her name, if not, forgive my ineptitude) and her brother (that line about him becoming great was cool) hook back up in the ending somehow, provided he's still alive. As for the Interactivity and Humor, I had to give you low scores since it wasn't an interactive piece, and it was rather serious. These categories don't detract from your overall score, since they don't really apply, so ignore them if you can. I would have liked to give you some higher scores for things, but I feel that 10's across the board would have cheapened my sentiments, rather than convey my awe. I myself would prefer high, but not perfect scores on my stuff since that shows that the reviewer is giving an honest rating based on his experience with the material, whereas a sweepstakes score of ten would do more to convince me that a reviewer don't really know what they are talking about. Anyway, keep up the great work and make the sequel as good or better than the first!

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Tsk Tsk Tsk

I've got to stand with the rest of these guys...and blow a whistle.

Make your own...That's what it's all about

I like Freya's Theme as much as the next guy (Go Uematsu), but what the audio portal is about is free music that was submited by the original artists for the legal enjoyment and use of the general populus. Maybe you were ignorant of the rules of Newgrounds, maybe not. Heck, by submitting this for download on Newgrounds, you have broken some serious rules of copyrights in general (unless you have documented permission, in that case you've only broke newgrounds rules). Take this review as some freindly advice and stop uploading songs that you didn't create (or cannot be legally distributed) anywhere on the net, 'cuz it's only a matter of time before you get burnt, whether you were intentionally playing with fire or not.

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard

This song grabs me from the beginning and dosn't let go until it's over.

I'm constantly looking for more good music, if you know any good songs, it dosn't matter what genre as long as it's good, let me know.

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